Ultra Lightweight Folding Cane - Luminescent Lavender

Ultra Lightweight Folding Cane - Luminescent Lavender

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One of the lightest folding canes ever made. This walking cane is made with super strong, durable carbon fiber. Amazingly lightweight cane, yet with unparalleled strength. So lightweight, it feels like you're carrying nothing at all! Easily folds to 11". This women's cane is a beautiful luminescent lavender color with a unique finish that changes color as your viewing angle changes. Replacement cane tip 5/8" (Item #: hc3970)

  1. Ultra Strong - Ultra Lightweight
  2. Derby-style handle
  3. Adjustable from 33" - 37"
  4. Four folding sections that snap out automatically
  5. Comes with carrying case and clip
  6. High quality black safety rubber cane tip
  7. Weighs less 8 oz.
  8. Supports up to 250 lbs
  9. Ideal for traveling

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